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09.06.2018 17:18 Cumartesi Konu Puanı: 0

only English

I am glad to see that forum´s backed to the its old and vivacious times nowadays

10.06.2018 19:58 Pazar #460

only English

Yo‚ anybody here?

27.01.2019 21:58 Pazar #461

only English

I missed my brothers wedding: the Barnet fan who has seen 2‚020 straight games
Steve Percy‚ who has seen every Barnet home match for over 50 years‚ on the highs‚ lows and facing Brentford in the FA Cup

It was October 12‚ 1968 and Steve Percy was on Wood Green High Street. This wasnt unusual in itself. North London born and bred‚ Percy would often go there with his family. The problem was with the timing. It was a Saturday afternoon and‚ while Percy was shopping‚ Barnet were playing at home.

For some reason we were in Wood Green and before we knew it‚ it was about half past three‚ says Percy‚ recollecting the experience of his 13-year-old self. I thought: Oh God‚ Im not going to get to Barnet now. I made it home round about the time the game would have finished and managed to find the result. Unfortunately‚ or maybe fortunately‚ it was a 5-1 win against Worcester City.

Percy can remember the moment clearly‚ as it was the last time he missed a Barnet home game. Thats 50 years and counting‚ a run that stretches 1‚377 matches (his run of consecutive matches home and away is a greater total‚ 2‚020‚ but runs for a shorter period of time). In terms of devotion its equivalent to a religious faith‚ though there are some differences: when it came time to commemorate his achievement Percy‚ instead of receiving a blessing from a cleric‚ was paraded on the pitch at the Hive before the National League match against Solihull Moors.

Its just one of those unexplained things‚ says Percy of how he *** the bug. Id missed probably seven or eight games before that Worcester thing. But after that I intentionally tried to make every match. Touch wood Ive had nothing serious enough to stop me going since. Only on a handful of occasions have I felt rough on the day. Maybe if I hadnt had the run going‚ I might not have gone but you seem to feel better once youre there.

Percy‚ 63‚ may sometimes have ignored his health in favour of supporting Barnet but thats not all; he has also ignored his brothers wedding. I did miss it‚ because Barnet were at home to Telford on the same day‚ he says. Luckily it was at home. Rush back after the game‚ quick change and I made the reception by 6pm. So it wasnt too bad.

Currently Percy is enjoying the best of times‚ with Barnet having reached the fourth round of the FA Cup (they have done it twice before‚ Percy was there both times). He enjoyed the third-round away day at Bramall Lane‚ where Barnet beat Sheffield United 1-0‚ but considers the draw against Brentford a bit of a letdown. It will be a derby between teams known as the Bees‚ but that is no consolation to Percy. We call them the fake Bees‚ he says. Not sure why theyre called bees at all beyond the fact their name starts with B. Ive certainly never seen a bee with red and white stripes.
Some people will recognise the obsessive passion that has allowed Percy to maintain his streak all this time‚ other people will boggle. Everyones inclined to be on the pessimistic side all the time as a fan. And when you lose you feel so down‚ he says. But youve *** to balance that with the euphoria of when you win. You cant describe the highs when you do it. Weve won the Conference three times and won the Southern League first division south‚ won the Southern League cup‚ been to Wembley in the FA Trophy in 1972‚ though unfortunately we didnt turn up on the day. Those sort of highs are worth the lows.

The best part over all the many years Ive been going has been making so many friends‚ including a lot of players and managers. Im very close to Barry Fry‚ he went to my 60th birthday. Weve had our disagreements‚ mainly about football. In the early days we were really on a shoestring budget and Barry used to get in about seven or eight really good players but the other three were absolutely crap. And there was no back up. It was so frustrating‚ but you know you cant help but like Barry.

Not just a supporter but a volunteer‚ Percy chaired the supporters committee at Barnet for many years. The club has‚ in a way‚ been like a second family. Everyone knows each other at Barnet and if you support a Premier League side youd have to admit thats not the case‚ he says. Ive known officials and players at the club and a lot of players wives in the past. Theyve been like sisters or mothers‚ in a way‚ but you cant really describe it unless youre a part of it.

Yet the lower leagues have not been immune to the changes made by clubs at the top of the game. Percy laments a professionalisation which has separated players from fans. He also notes the way the new ground‚ which opened in 2013‚ has disrupted the community that built up around the Underhill stadium.

Nowadays people‚ including at our club‚ dont get to see the players‚ he says. In the old days youd sometimes go out with them on a pub crawl after the game. Nowadays‚ even at our level‚ if something happened in the evening it would be plastered all over the papers. It was just a different culture in those days but it was very enjoyable.
Ive still *** a lot of friends from years ago. But In the last few years weve lost so many people I knew well. The move over to the Hive‚ which is about six and a half miles away from Underhill‚ has not gone down well and people have moved away that you knew when you were young. And Im afraid that as Im getting older the worst thing of all is that people are departing not just football‚ but the world.

Percy says he has no targets left for his streak‚ just to pursue it for as long as his health will allow. As for his team‚ some wishes do remain. Id like to see us get back into the Football League and preferably stabilise in League One‚ he says. I think we could be the Walsall of London. But if theres one thing missing for me personally‚ its that Id love to win the FA Trophy. Avenge that final of 1972. Its something Id like to set right‚ before they put me in a box.

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17.07.2019 21:31 Çarşamba #462

only English

Mesajı Gönderen: Fatih KARADAG:cLink:0066425

I tried to open a new topic in Chinese but web format doesn´t accept Chinese characters‚ why...

Because we are not have a China Footballer

22.07.2019 02:20 Pazartesi #463

only English

Mesajı Gönderen: FenerEmrah:cLink:0067443

Because we are not have a China Footballer

Allah canini almasin
We dont have a Chinese player.
De ...

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